What's Available?

Dharma Rose prides itself on variety as well as quality. From time to time some of the items we offer are out of stock with our supplier. When shirts are on backorder we do our best to disable them in the cart as soon as we find out (which often is not until we try to order it). Consequently, you might not be able to order some design/size combinations you see in our normal store.
To try and avoid that frustration we have created a new set of pages that searches our online database, and only displays those items we believe we can get quickly or actually have in stock. Please note that there is usually more than one page, and you will need to click on Next Search Page at the bottom of each page to see them all.
As we have carefully crafted the "normal" pages by hand, there are some sacrifices for the Available pages (you can, of course, return to the standard page to see these features):
  • These pages do not have access to the extra-large images
  • Some items have additional comments, these are not available
  • The order of the shirts is more random than on our standard pages
You may also want to browse our In-Stock Store which tracks items we have in stock by size. Generally we only have one piece in stock for these shirts per size, but there are always exceptions. We do our best to keep this list updated, but it is only as accurate as our database; we estimate that over 98% of these items are actually in stock.
Many in-stock orders ship same-day; they almost always ship within 24 hours Monday through Saturday.