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This is just a small sampling of customer response. Our business is also a labor of love, and it is your support that makes it all worthwhile. Thanks for the feedback!

You know, I just told several of my friends about your website. This could possibly be the best customer service I have ever experienced. Being in the service industry, you may be the poster model for taking care of customers. - Stephen 2/6/04

I looked at a lot of sites.....I think yours had the best selection/price ratio. Mark S. 04/06/04

I love the layout for your website. It's so nice to be able to see what I'm ordering without having a pop-up that I then have to exit out of. I also greatly appreciate the service. Thanks, Terrie, for letting me know when the item I was interested in would be available. Cynthia F. 04/10/04 Awesome site and service. Got Old Glory beat hands down. Items always exactly as advertised and shipped fast. Will always check Dharma Rose before I buy any tye-dyes. Keep up the great work. Thanks. Tom M. 04/15/04

These are the most beautifu notecards I have seen a very long time. Christine H. 04/23/04 I love the Native American T Shirts you provide. They are of great quality and the designs are beautiful. Thanks for selling a find product. Jill K. 04/24/04

We have had so many compliments that we are now taking orders for you. LOL Harry C. 05/02/04

A superb service. I e-mailed with a query about International Shipping & received a reply in 1 hour. That is how to treat a customer. Magic. Peter D. 05/06/04

Great store, I would love to become a regular customer. Danielle F. 05/19/04

Thank you soooo much!!! My husband loves tie-dyes and we could never find one in his size--this will make a fantastic Fathers' Day gift. He's going to be so happy!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jennifer W. 05/20/04

AMAZING selections, I'll be back! Robert B. 05/20/04

The baby tie dyes were so cute! They were a gift for my newborn niece. My husband is a longtime deadhead and he loves your grateful dead shirts. My daughter chooses a shirt for him from your website every father's day and birthday. Thanks for the excellent service! Peggy S. 01/30/04

This is either my fourth or fifth order I've placed with your company and I am always pleased with the items I receive. I often get compliments and inquiries about where I acquired my shirts, I always tell them your web address but their eyes seem to glaze over. If you have any business cards you would like to include with my order I would gladly distribute them to any that may ask in the future. Thanks again for wonderful service and products. Kevin C. 03/17/04

What a great site! Awesome selection of the coolest designs in shirts. I had a hard time choosing and I can't wait to get my stuff! Thanks. Elizabeth K. 03/18/04

I have found the ordering and looking process very easy to view and to deal with. Thanks. Sharon S. 03/19/04

Wonderful selection! I will buy again and again! Tracey H. 03/20/04

The last time I ordered you were so wonderful in getting the gift out on time and my daughters loved the shirt. That is why I am already re-ordering. I am sure there will be alot more in the near future. Thank you again. Shana S. 03/22/04

I just wanted to thank you for having such a great selection of shirts for such great prices. This will be the 3rd shirt I've ordered from you and I don't plan of stopping anytime soon:) Devon S. 03/29/04

We thoroughly enjoy your site and love your merchandise. We have ordered from you in the past and will continue to do so in the future. Marion R. 03/31/04

Nice selection of bird tee shirts! I spent hours searching for a very particular (and bright) 4 year old who knew exactly what she wanted. You had it. Thanks. Anne K. 04/01/04

Awsome selection of quality looking tees, not just tie dye but all selections available. Jim H. 04/01/04

This is the only site I could find on the net that offered anything I could purchase by Linda Bergkvist or Sheila Wolk. I intend to frame the cards I ordered and hang them on my walls. Thank You! Janet J. 11/03/03

I think the T shirt are beautiful and it is hard to find such an array of different t-shirts in stores. - Easter W. 11/06/03

I look forward to doing a lot of business with you. You have many hard to find items that I was very happy to see. Theodore B. 11/10/03

This is the third year i am using this site to purchase a Grateful Dead tshirt and i just want to say thank you and i am always a very satisfied customer. Lori S. 11/13/03

Beautiful, Great, Beautiful did I already say that? What a great site! My Christmas shopping is done! Rayes C. 11/17/03

Great site! My son is SO hard to shop for because he is extremely picky about what he wears. But he saw your shirts and loved them - best of all, he knew that nobody else at his school would have anything like them. Sheila S.11/23/03

LOVE this website. Shop here frequently. AWESOME shirts. Richard F. 08/07/03


Loved excellent service and product. Definitely a repeat customer. Forrest Y. 08/12/03

I really appreciate your kindness & prompt service, not only to myself but also to my friends & people I 've sent to you. Robin B. 08/13/03

You guys never cease to amaze me with the professionalism of your business but still have such a personal touch. Any time I want to buy a T-Shirt, I look here first. You guys are the greatest. Thanks for everything. Mary Jean W. 08/24/03

Beautiful T-shirts and nice owners : This is the perfect shop. - Sabastien from France 10/03

Dharma Rose is the number one place to visit if you're looking for top quality, unique and affordable band merchandise. I'd never think of buying anywhere else with Dharma Rose available so easily. Thanks!!!! Bobbie W. 06/26/03

Terrie - I've ordered many t-shirts from your site, and I always appreciate the quick response whenever you've been out of stock on any items. You have the best selection of Dead and Phish shirts outside of the lot... Thanks a lot! Matt W. 06/27/03


I have bought two sets of cards already and they were beautiful. Here I am - back again! I am very excited about the new ladies shirts! Jessica F. 05/09/03


this is the best led zeppelin shirt site ever. Robert G. 05/11/03


We bought 6-8 t-shirts from you last year and they still look great! Excellent quality with beautiful detail. I refer you to everyone I know! Lisa P. 06/05/03

I have ordered from you before and i was very pleased with the item i ordered and the quality. I have told my friends about you and i will continue to shop here for dragon items. Daniel S. 06/16/03

Best American Indian art t-shirts I've been able to find - anywhere! Very good prices as well! Douglas F. 06/16/03

Love your site. Will always check here first. Tammy S. 06/21/03

I work with special needs children and they love the t-shirts that I wear from your site. - Bunnie D. 06/25/03


a wonderful site and excellent with orders Lynne H. 02/09/03

Quick and easy. Thanks. Matthew O. 02/11/03

i love your t-shirts and you do a good job in getting them here i am going to pass along info. to use your site! Laurie B. 04/09/03

We have ordered shirts from Dharma Rose several times for family and friends, and continue to be amazed at the fine quality, low prices, and great selections, we will continue to order in the future and recomend this site to friends. Teresa N. 12/25/02

Absolutely beautiful. Each card is like sending a piece of art for someone else to enjoy. M. Parker 01/15/03

You have some really great shirts I have never seen anywhere else, thanks. Stephen S. 1/14/03

I've found your shirts to be of the upmost quality, especially in the fact that there is barely a spot of white on my sprial tye-dyed shirt. I have found no other tye dyed shirts that are quite as unique and beautiful as yours. I commend you. Lacey M. 01/23/03

Happy new year to all at Dharma Rose! I buy from you because you are friendly,good people! Justin W. 01/04/03

Absolutely beautiful. Each card is like sending a piece of art for someone else to enjoy. M. Parker 01/15/03

You have some really great shirts I have never seen anywhere else, thanks. Stephen S. 1/14/03

I've found your shirts to be of the upmost quality, especially in the fact that there is barely a spot of white on my sprial tye-dyed shirt. I have found no other tye dyed shirts that are quite as unique and beautiful as yours. I commend you. Lacey M. 01/23/03

Thanks for providing a great website; I have purchased multiple times from Dharma Rose and always been satisfied with the merchandise and shipping time. I have comparison shopped and haven't been able to find anyone that beats your prices. Thanks for making my shopping experience easier and more comfortable... - AG 9/04

I have purchased Gonesh incense for over twenty years. It is of the finest quality, not smeeling of burning wood, but of the actual perfumes and oils as it is supposed to. - Lucille R. - 9/04

This is a great site! It is easy to get around in, the qualtiy of the shirts are way above what we find at the local stores. The prices and the variety beats anything I have found anywhere else. Thanks for being out there. Vickie O. 6/24/02

very nice site and wonderful, hard to find shirts. Susan Z. 12/07/02

You have BEAUTIFUL horse t-shirts. I will shop with you again. Thanks! Pam S. 12/04/02

Great site and great stuff. I will definitely be back for more! Mary Beth I. 12/04/02

I LOV YOU GUYS!!!!! You gotta lot of heart!!! As well as out standing Tie-Dye Art!!! Anne K. 12/03/02

Lovliest celtic designs I have seen. Jane B. 11/30/02

great selection of dead bears, and good prices too! Vicki L. 11/29/02

Once again I was able to find a great gift on your site. Your selection is terrific and the only problem I had was making my choice from so many different options. Joseph C. 11/29/02

Really appreciate your quick response to my problem!! You and your t-shirts are the greatest!!! Larry B. 11/27/02

My teen age son only wears tie dye - I'm glad to find you !!!! Kay T. 11/25/02

Searched for Grateful Dead Shirts. My son ruined this shirt with battery acid and you are the only one I found that has it. I will return for more Norene W. 11/25/02

you guys have a great selection of t-shirts. i am so happy to see a shop that carries awesome clothes in my size thank you and keep it up. i plan on buying a lot from you in the future. Josh M. 11/22/02

you have excellent shirt selections Dustin A. 11/22/02

My brother, Steve, suggested this website for fulfilling one of his Christmas wishes! Glad to find it - you have wonderful designs! Patricia W. 11/22/02

The hats fit really well, and the bills can be easily formed to your desired look. Would definitely buy from this shop again. Lynne K. 11/21/02

I love your shirts, I use them as gifts often and my family and friends are very happy with them. Gerda K. 11/20/02

Great shirts! The best I've found. Carolyn M. 11/19/02

This is one of the best websites I've been to yet! I love your selection of tee shirts and Dead stuff. I will definately be shopping here again. Thank you very much. Jennifer B. 11/18/02

I loved the other Native shirts that I ordered, so I had to get a couple more. I work at a preschool for children with special needs and they love looking and asking about them. So do my co-workers! Bunnie D. 11/09/02

I love your website especialy the unicorn t shirts I have a 6 year old and she adores the things I buy here. Nicole B. 11/07/02

hey terrie, we finally got that order straightened out! thanks for all your help and patience. chris and i are yor customers for life! you have been wonderful to deal with, and we thank you! Amy N. 11/06/02

I have ordered from you before. I obviously, was pleased with my purchases and came back for more! Donald O. 11/11/02

This web-site had the best selection out of all the retailers mentioned on the Liquid Blue web-site as carrying a full line of Liquid Blue products. Gabrielle B. 11/06/02

I love this site. You made Christmas so much easier. Thanks! Beverly O. 11/06/02

This is the site that I go to when I want to buy shirts, this one and no other. Seth J. 11/04/02

Thank you Terrie!!
Wow! I just received my order and I wanted to tell you I am impressed by your company's service!!
What you don't know is that I had ordered the same Tshirt from a different Tshirt company online just the day before. I got a return e-mail from them asking intrusive questions about my credit card and that made me so nervous that I cancelled the order immediately. Doing business online is nerve-wracking enough, I don't need a vendor fooling with my confidentail info--whether there are good intentions or bad ones!!
But anyway, I am pleased by your professionalism and will recommend your site to my friends.
Thanks again. I order the shirt on Dec 3 and it arrived in my mailbox Dec 5! Amazing!
Elizabeth S. - 12/5/02

Dear Terrie,
We received the t-shirts I ordered for my daughter's birthday. They are as beautiful in person as they appeared on the website!!! I am sure she is going to love them. Thank you so much!!
Jill P.
I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your web site; it is very well done. The gallery is especially enjoyable, excellent photography and the pictures are a delight. You are very fortunate to be in such a beautiful area.
Thanks again - I will definitely be a return customer.
Cheryl D.

These are sooooooooooo lovely!!!! Some of these are xmas gifts, and i plan to buy some more for the same reason...great gift, huh!!! lovely and useful.
We are thrilled with the shirts, I have never seen any as beautiful as these, my folks just love them...i know that we'll be asked where we got them whenever we wear them...i will tell them gladly!!! (I have never, by the way, seen a tie-dye as deeply colored!! It is awesome!)
Elena P.

Just wanted to let you know that I was seriously impressed with your web site and all the gorgeous and beautiful T-Shirts. The colors are so vibrant and the pictures so beautiful. I look forward to buying a few of your T's in the near future.
Thanks again for making it such a pleasure to visit. I'm sure I looked at every single T-shirt picture that you have. I found you because I was looking for simple Celtic designs for my daughter.
Take Care,
S. P.

...Nice background to the pages. I really appreciate the thoughtful prompts and suggestions -- like the reminders telling folks how to go back and shop if they're already here. Also I appreciate the e-mail updates (really!), because you don't spam me every two minutes like some sites...and at the same time, your e-mails really DO warrant a thoughtful review -- there's always something to take into account. I'm here today because Terrie sent me the note about ordering early. Thanks! Yeah, I'd have been back soon enough, no doubt, but I saw the subject, saw who it was from, smiled widely and set aside the business work I'm sitting in my office afterhours accomplishing so I could treat myself to the one Dead vid I still don't have.
Anyway, hope you both are still turning heads with your fabulous 'vanity' license plates (see, Terrie, I remembered!!)and the offspring are doing suitably well to make their parents proud. I guess I'll close by extending my sincerest wish that this enterprise remains successful for as long a run as you want. In these times of increased paranoia and diminished liberty on a variety of levels; it's a happy thing to see Dharma Rose. Anybody who stocks thoughtful gifts -- from Native American and Fantasy to Classic Rock and, of course, good ole Grateful Dead -- deserves to thrive. Plus, from my perspective sitting here in a 25 story highrise office building, the fact that you folks live in a wondrous part of this nation ain't all bad either.
Anyway...keep the faith.
Bud M.

Terrie, I can't say thank you enough for the lovely selections you have and the prompt and courteous way you supply your customers orders...:)))..You are a GEM!..I received my first order and they were all perfect and I thank you for the emails letting me know.You will be seeing me as a GOOD customer for many moons to come!
With Light!
Rebecca M.

I guess you already know that I really LOVE your website!! You have really
pretty stuff, and you really have made me feel very secure ordering online. I trust your website...and I have become addicted!! I appreciate your keeping in touch with me regarding my orders. I like the way you run your business.

I remember the last time I sent in feedback to a website only to have my words gone completely ignored. It's really nice to see that some places are still run by humans rather than machines. I have nothing but good things to say about your site and will try to spread the word as much as possible and you can definatley expect more orders from me personally.

Please address your questions or comments to john at dharmarose.com