Shopping Cart Bug Report Form

While our shopping cart is state-of-the-art, no system is foolproof. Accordingly, we are offering a $20 credit to the first customer who alerts us to a significant new bug which would not be fixed by routine maintenance. Any other customers who report the same problem before it is fixed will receive free shipping on their next order. In order to be eligible for either bounty, sufficient information must be provided so that we can track and solve the bug.

Platform - What kind of computer are you using
Browser - Which browser and version are you using
Error Message - What was the error message? (if possible, please copy and paste the error text below)
Page - Which page were you on before you got the error (Shopping cart contents/Order Info (address, etc)/Payment Info, etc.)?
Path - Can you please retrace your steps? Through which page (url) did you enter our site? Can you describe how you shopped? Which categories did you click on, etc.? What were you attempting to purchase? Which button(s) did you click on the form just before getting the error?