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About Dharma Rose

Dharma Rose is a family-run business, and we are pleased to welcome customers into our family. There are plenty of larger stores on the web, so we provide an exceptional on-line shopping experience: our site is designed to be beautiful as well as convenient. Why feel like you are in a warehouse, when you are shopping in your living room?
Customer service is our first priority. If you ever have a question or comment about Dharma Rose, John would be happy to help you. You can reach him at john@dharmarose.com.
At Dharma Rose we do our best to balance variety with availability. Over 80% of our catalog can be in stock within 24-48 hours, and 94% within four days. We do our best to maintain decent stock in our remaining items, and find them unique enough to be worth the wait if neccessary.
We ship your order as soon as possible. In-stock items are shipped within one business day (in many cases they are even shipped same-day); other items typically take 2-7 days to ship. If you are in a hurry you can browse our special Stock Store of items that should be in stock. (We cannont guarantee that all products listed there are in stock, but we update those listings daily.)
It has recently come to our attention that email from dharmarose.com is being blocked by some ISPs (including Comcast). We are told that this is because someone else who has a site hosted on the same server is suspected of spamming. Returning customers. We hope to have this straightened out soon, but it may crop up again in the future. The bottom line is that if you are concerned that you have not heard from us, please email us (john@dharmarose.com) at your earliest convenience.


When you place your order through our secure server, your personal information is protected by GeoTrust utilizing 128-bit SSL certificates thereby offering the highest level of encryption and security possible. This means you can rest assured that communications between your browser and Dharma Rose's web servers are private and secure. Click on the seal below for more information.

Our Merchandise

We strive to offer the most beautiful and highest quality shirts we can find. Currently, we carry extensive collections from two of the biggest and best names in the business: The Mountain and Liquid Blue .
The Mountain features huge collections of fantasy, nature, and Native American designs, and supply many of our best children's shirts.
"The Mountain products are now Oekotex 100 certified, which guarantees our shirts are free of chemicals that are harmful to your body.
"We print with a process that dyes the actual fabric fiber, unlike companies that lay inks on top of the shirt like a plastic coating. Our printing process produces an image that has incredible detail and gives our shirts their soft feel. The Mountain uses only water-based inks, which are environmentally friendly and we go out of our way to insure that all of our manufacturing processes fully protect our air and water."
Liquid Blue is reknown for their extensive collection of Grateful Dead shirts, as well as their original and exciting designs in diverse categories such as Classic Rock and Metal, pro sports, fantasy, and nature.
We also carry dyed merchandise from some medium-sized outfits such as Sundog, Happylife, Grateful Graphics, and Not Fade Away, as well as some exciting small tie-dye studios.
Our quality solid shirts featuring beautiful Native American art from the Pacific Northwest, and Celtic art are another point of pride.
If you know of another studio whose merchandise we should be carrying, we would love to hear about it. Please email all suggestions to john@dharmarose.com

Finding The Right Size

Most of our printed shirts are standard industry sizes, with chest sizes of:   Most of our unprinted tie-dyes are slightly smaller, with chest sizes of:
  • Medium: 41" - 42"
  • Large: 45" - 46"
  • Extra Large: 49" - 50"
  • XX Large: 52"
  • XXX Large: 54"
  • Medium: 39"
  • Large: 43"
  • Extra Large: 46"
  • XX Large: 51"

The majority of our dyed fashion tops are from The Mountain Girl collection. They offer the following sizing information: Our shirts are made of 30 single ring spun cotton. That means they stretch and therefore fit many sizes. Although they look small hanging, we assure you that they are much larger fitting than they seem.
Our Ladies' Junior sizes correspond to the following sizes:
Junior Small Misses 4
Junior Medium Misses 6
Junior Large Misses 8 Women's Small
Junior Extra-Large Misses 10 Women's Medium
Junior XXL Misses 12 Women's Large
Junior 3XL Misses 14 Women's Extra-Large


Most of our shirts are heavy cotton, and should last a long time if propperly cared for.
Printed T-Shirts will look newer longer and wear better if washed inside out. A customer also reports that you can help an image last longer if you iron the backside of the image (from the inside) with a steam iron before washing it for the first time.

Return Policy

If you are not delighted with your purchase from Dharma Rose, please return it in the condition in which you received it (neither washed, nor worn) to P. O. Box 333, Windsor, VT 05089 for a refund, exchange, or credit. Please include a note with the order number, the reason for the exchange, and what you would like done.
To arrange ahead of time for an exchange or to have any question or concern addressed, please contact john@dharmarose.com.

Checks & Money Orders

Yes, we accept checks and money orders for domestic orders! (Unfortunately, we cannot accept checks for international orders due to excessive bank fees.) When you fill out the online order form, choose "check/money order" for payment method, then don't fill out the credit card information.
Alternatively, you can just e-mail your order to john@dharmarose.com.
In either case, please mail the check to Dharma Rose, P. O. Box 333, Windsor, VT 05089.

Shipping Charges

Almost all domestic orders ship via US Postal Service Priority Mail taking two to three days to arrive. The cost to ship heavier orders is based on distance and weight. We only charge what the post office estimates, and we don't add handling charges.
For faster delivery, we offer UPS Next Day Air and USPS Express Mail. Please note that those items that are not in stock take several days for us to order and receive, partially defeating these expedited shipping methods. For items that are available to ship immediately, please visit our Stock Store.
John will e-mail you the tracking number when your order ships.

International Shipping

Please make certain that an international shipping method is selected; otherwise, the charge will have to added later.

Phone Orders

We are sorry that we are unable to take your order by phone. Dharma Rose is owned and operated by just the two of us, John and Terrie, and are only phone line is our home line. We also don't have a bank of operators to take your call!

Dharma Rose Gallery

A series of photo galleries for your viewing pleasure. We hope to continue adding 3-4 rooms each year.
Dharma Rose Gallery

Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy. We will never trade or sell your e-mail address or personal information to any business or list service.
You can read our complete Privacy Policy here.

Trouble Shooting

Bug Bounty - We are offering a $25 credit to the first customer who alerts us to a new bug they encountered while trying to place an order. Any other customers who report the same problem before it is fixed will receive free shipping on their next order. In order to be eligible for either bounty, sufficient information must be provided so that we can track and solve the bug. If the suggestions below do not help, please fill out a bug report.
We use a professional cart (with thousands of installations worldwide) to make your shopping experience as convenient as possible. Our site has been tested extensively on a variety of platforms and browsers. For the great majority of our customers, the cart works well. Occasionally, however, there are problems during checkout.
We have found three areas which account for most, if not all, these problems.

Checkout Error - Page cannot be displayed - to maintain security, our secure server automatically closes any secure connection which has been idle more than five minutes. This is designed to protect your personal information, as well as our site. If you take longer than five minutes to enter your credit card information (for example), you will need to re-establish your secure connection. If this happens, you should see a gray page with an error message saying that the page cannot be displayed.
Solution: return to the previous page (using "go back" in your browser) and try hitting the button again. Note that you will need to hit the actual button or link; using your browser's "go forward" feature will not work.

Frames - While we have eliminated frames from the ordering process, some search engines allow you to browse through a "results" window using frames. These frames can confuse our secure server, which refuses to pass the data back to the customer's browser to ensure that your privacy is protected.
Solution: Enter our site directly in its own window. Our cart should keep track of your order, making sure that you do not lose any of the items you have selected. If the following link does not work, you should bookmark our site, and restart your browser. Shop at Dharma Rose

AOL Browser - There are bugs in some versions of the AOL browser which have caused problems with the PDG Cart in the past. Unfortunately, there is nothing that PDG can do about bugs in other people's software, and any workaround at our end would introduce serious problems for our other customers.
Solution: Use another browser to make your purchase from Dharma Rose, or place your order via postal mail or fax. AOL is fully compatible with the current Explorer and Netscape browsers.

Other Problems - We will work hard to solve any other problems which may arise. If you encounter any which are not covered above, please let us know via email, or our Bug Report form. The following information will help us track down
  1. Which platform are you using (e.g., PC or Mac)?
  2. Which operating system version are you using (e.g., Windows 98 or Mac OS9.0)?
  3. Which browser and version are you using (e.g., AOL browser/Explorer/Netscape)?
  4. Which page were you on before you got the error (Shopping cart contents/Order Info (address, etc)/Payment Info, etc.)?
  5. Can you please retrace your steps? Through which page (url) did you enter our site? Can you describe how you shopped? Which categories did you click on, etc.? What were you attempting to purchase? Which button(s) did you click on the form just before getting the error?
  6. Are you filling in all the fields (This should not be a problem since you should get a specific error message)?

About Our Inventory

If you want to know some more about us before shopping, check out some of our informational pages:
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Tie-Dye More specifically (but not exclusively), beautiful, brilliant, tie-dye t-shirts.
Grateful Dead An excellent selection of cool shirts and fun gifts for deadheads
Music Shirts Allmans, Beatles, Doors, Hendrix, Janis, Pink Floyd, Santana, Stones, Who, and more
Kids Shirts As parents, our children come first.
Animals & Nature Some of Liquid Blue's finest work are their stunning Nature 2000 designs.
Gothic & Fantasy An assortment of skulls, dragons, wizards, elves, magic, and other designs.
Bean Bears The coolest bean bag collectibles yet.

Please address your questions or comments to john@dharmarose.com

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