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Music T-Shirts
Grateful Dead
Classics  Bears  Skels  SYF  Celtic  Songs  Sports  Tour  Lot  Stealth  Other  Jerry  Spinoff  Dead Again  Sweatshirts •  Plus Sizes • Favorites  Hot  Rare
Fantasy Shirts
Dark Fantasy:  Beasts  Dragons  Gothic  Grim Reaper  Pirates  Skulls & Skeletons  Warriors  OtherFavorites  Hot  Rare
Light Fantasy:  Amy Brown  Angels  Cosmos  Elves & Gnomes  Fairies  Goddess  Magic  Nature  Unicorns  OtherFavorites  Hot  Rare
OtherBig Cats
Africa  N America  Bears  Big Cats  Birds  Cats  Dogs  Faces  Farm  Gardens  Horses  Manimal  Oceans  Dolphins  Pockets  Pets  Rainforest  Reptiles  Wildlife  Wolves  Woodland  Other DesignsFavorites  Hot  Rare
Marie Buchfink
Native American Shirts
Native Northwest  Marie Buchfink  Ginny Hogan  Other Artists  Maiden  Native Nature  Other DesignsFavorites  Hot  Rare
60s & 70s - Classic RockJimi Hendrix
Rock & Music
Classic Rock  AC/DC  Jam Bands Jimi Hendrix  Janis Joplin  Kindred Bands  Kiss  Metal  Music Shirts  Pink Floyd  Sixties  Rolling Stones  Woodstock '69Favorites  Hottest  Rare
Spirals  Crinkles  Pictures  Other  Ladies  Long Sleeves  Fun StuffFavorites  Hot  Rare
Kids' ShirtsCool Kids
Kids' Shirts
Tie-Dye Shirts  Onesies & Dresses  Animals/Nature  Cool Kids  Deadhead  Dinosaurs  Fantasy  Girls' Tops  Native American  Other  Rare Nature  Other Rare
The Mountain
featuring shirts from The Mountain
Simple Designs and Messages
Celtic Shirts
Dragons  Knotwork  Legends  Nature  Related 
Earth Creations
Environmentally-friendly shirts made in the U.S.A.
Enlightenment Shirts
Spiritual Designs
Green T-Shirts
Ecologically-minded designs
Patriotic Shirts
Peace T-Shirts
All we are saying...
Marvel - Spiderman
Pop Culture Shirts
Cheech & Chong  Monty Python  Popeye  The Simpsons  Spinal Tap  Three Stooges  Other

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What's New at Dharma Rose

A New Leaf at The Rose
Over the past sixteen years of so, this old shopping cart has served Dharma Rose very well. It has allowed us the flexibility to create a shopping experience different from the cookie-cutter norm. In that time, however, the online world has completely transformed, and it it time to update and better serve the online community.
We invite you to visit our new store, and to save 10% on your first order there using the code "newstore" at checkout. We will continue to issue discount codes for the new store on our Facebook page.
We intend to keep "Dharma Rose Classic" going as long as possible. And we offer our hearty appreciation to all the visitors who have supported us over the years.

We are creating a brand new store front for our visitors on the go. This is a slimmed-down version featuring many of our most-popular and favorite items in a modern store suited for mobile devices as well as for large screens.

T-Shirts from The Mountain at Dharma Rose
The Mountain 2017

The Mountain's release of new artwork has soothed the losses of designs discontinued to make room.
The Mountain 2017 Fantasy Nature Other
All our in-stock Mountain shirts are now discounted 30% - 70% off in our Sale Store

Ice-Dye Tapestries
Unique Ice-Dyed Tapestries

What do you see? Let your imagination run wild!
Symbols, faces, and other images appear according to your own whims in these stunning abstract and impressionist works of art. These unique tapestries are the product of art, craft, and of fortune. Melting ice drips the dye into the fabric in random and subtle ways. They make beautiful wall hangings for your home and great gifts.

Sale Store
New Savings
Dharma Rose's stock discount store offering have been expanded with savings ranging from 10% to 70%. These offers apply only to current inventory, so browse them now, before the ones you want disappear.

Grateful Dead T-Shirts and Sweatshirts

To celebrate the addition of a few select designs now available in 6XL, we have added a new store to help you browse our extensive Grateful Dead collection from size Small through 6XL.

New Lids for Heads
These beautifully embroidered hats have exceptionally high thread counts, and feature classic Grateful Dead artwork on quality cotton baseball caps.
Grateful Dead Hats

New Embroidered Patches
These beautiful iron-on patches are 100% embroidered (with no backing visible).
Grateful Dead Embroidered Patches

Fine Porcelain Pendants

Sacred Tree Celtic dog Brigantia Celtic heart
Every so often we find items that we simply fall in love with and just have to share with our visitors, even if they do not fit our traditional shelves. We offer these pendants from that special place in our heart. The exquisite art is imbued with millennia of Celtic symbolism and legends.
This beautiful Celtic jewelry was originally developed in Scotland and is now handcrafted in Michigan from fine porcelain clay. These Celtic designs are original illustrations by artists from Scotland, Canada and the United States based on traditional Celtic themes. A unique process allows for more detail in designs than other mediums, ideal for intricate Celtic art. The designs are fired into the clay at 2,200 degrees, so they will not peel or wear off.
Celtic Porcelain Pendants