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Grateful Dead T-shirts are our priority, going way back to 1980 when John sold his own designs on tour. (Phil wore one of his Scarlet Begonias shirts onstage in 1981!) Since then, there have been over one thousand different Dead shirts sold everywhere from parkinglots to boutiques (well, more like the record shop kind of boutique). Dharma Rose was born to carry on this great tradition, and bring you the finest Deadhead attire and toys of the trade.

Grateful Dead T-Shirts and Sweatshirts

To celebrate the addition of a few select designs now available in 6XL, we have added a new store to help you browse our extensive Grateful Dead collection from size Small through 6XL.

New Hats!
These beautifully embroidered hats just arrived, and are proving hard to keep in stock. The middle one sold out of its first run, in less than a week... but will be back the first week in August.
Grateful Dead Hats

Grateful Dead 50th Anniversary
Grateful Dead 50th Anniversary
My, my, my, how time flies when you are having fun!
Grateful Dead 50th Anniversary

New Embroidered Patches
These beautiful iron-on patches are 100% embroidered (with no backing visible).
Grateful Dead Embroidered Patches

New Deadhead Stickers & Decals
New Grateful Dead stickers and decals include the return of six classic Sport Bears.
Grateful Dead Stickers & Decals

Grateful Dad Cap
Our hat supply has been waning of late, so the timing of the release of this classic design on a baseball cap could not be better.
Grateful Dead Hats

From The Archives

From the archives: rediscovered Bob and Brent gear! Lost art from Dye The Sky has been found and tweaked just in time for the holidays...

Bob 'n' Brent

native american shirt


Folks have been requesting stickers for years now. Given issues of packing stickers with T-shirts, I dragged my feet a bit, but after weeks of planning and several days scanning like a madman, there are now over 100 decal and sticker designs in stock, including some four dozen Grateful Dead Designs. Thank you for your feedback, and for your patience.

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Grateful Dead T-Shirts and Sweatshirts
We continue to build our collection of Grateful Dead designs that are usually available in 3XL, and occasionally in 4XL and 5XL. In this quest we are even having some designs printed in those larger sizes just for us, when that is what it takes. In that spirit, we are particularly pleased to announce that we now have, for the first time, Grateful Dead hoodies in size 3XL.
Plus-Sized In-Stock Grateful Dead designs, or by size: 3XL  4XL  5XL
Other Dead 3XLs - GD designs (including hoodies!) often available in 3XL or better, but not neccessarily in inventory.

3/29/90 Nassau with Branford Marsalis
May 2nd, 2010
Important dates in Grateful Dead History
Only five months had elapsed since the Dead refused to play at Altamont due to the ongoing violence at that infamous festival, and the events at Kent State were heading inexorably towards their own horrible climax (the ROTC building was torched at the same time this concert was held some 500 miles away). There was plenty of energy available on campus and, while much of it was negative, the Grateful Dead channeled it constructively into a wonderful concert. What marvelous alchemy!
I was thrilled when this show was selected as the 8th Dick's Pick. While Dick was always eager to showcase a rare gem (preferably uncirculated, such as Columbus, 1970), he would still honor time-tested classic shows with an official release of exceptional quality. Thankfully, he had the discretion to leave off the excruciatingly painful Cold Rain and Snow (tuning is better done before the song, rather than during).
With Workingman's Dead to be released imminently, it is no surprise that this seminal album was showcased in a strong acoustic set. However, the rub of the show is the electric material. My personal favorite is Viola Lee Blues; not even the Phil Zone version tops this one. But, there are plenty of personal favorites to suit any Deadhead's palate (well, except for the Cold Rain aficionado). Even the banter from this excellent concert is memorable (e.g., Phil's immortal words after Dancing In The Streets).
If you don't already own Dick's Pick 8, it is well worth the investment. And, if you really have to, you can listen to the unfortunate Cold Rain and Snow courtesy of 1970-05/02 Harpur State (but don't say you weren't warned).

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Grateful Dead Shirts - The Grateful Dead shirt collection is our largest, with over 250 Dead-related designs. We also have kids shirts with dancing bears and other deadhead themes.
Bean Bears - These cool Grateful Dead collectibles are disappearing fast. Since 1997, Liquid Blue has issued fourteen editions with over 120 characters; more than seventy of them have already been retired. We are doing our best to keep as many personalities available for adoption as is humanly possible, be we have been losing ground of late. While we are happy to have placed these bears in good homes, we still miss them!
Hats - Lids for 'heads. Over a dozen different grateful designs.
DeadBase: The Complete Guide To Grateful Dead Song Lists - Often called the Taper's Bible, this book is an indispensable reference for Deadheads, and collectors of live music.
Kindred Bands Kindred Bands - Other classic rock bands, including: Allman Brothers, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Pink Floyd, The Doors, The Who, Rolling Stones, Phish, Carlos Santana, Bob Marley, and even Elvis!
Dharma Rose carries a wide variety of other cool products that deadheads will appreciate, from T-shirts featuring fantasy, nature, and native american artwork (and a host of other themes), to classic tie-dye clothing and accessories, Incense, and unique aromatherapy candles. Come on in via our front door for the full picture.

Dharma Rose offers you...
Exceptional Service - There are many larger stores on the web; most are cold and impersonal. At Dharma Rose, our service is always friendly and prompt. We respect your privacy: we will never trade or sell your e-mail address or personal information to any business or list service.
Quality Merchandise - We only offer the finest t-shirts from top studios.
Satisfaction - Wrong size? Not your color? Change your mind? No problem, just return any shirt you are not 100% thrilled with for a refund, exchange, or credit.
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