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Happy 70th Birthday, Phil

March 15th, 2010

An excellent way to celebrate Phil's 70th birthday today is to listen to his 50th birthday concert at the Cap Centre. I was lucky enough to be there for an amazing show that stood out even in that superb Spring 1990 Tour.
From the Happy Birthday tuning to open, through a blistering China> Rider and the phenomenal Terrapin Station, the front-end of the second set was amazing. The beautiful theme in the jam that followed Terrapin happily popped up another time or two over the next couple of weeks, almost a signature of that tour. I dare say it is every bit as beautiful as the haunting Mind Left Body Jam at Albany (but that, as they say, is another story).
Happy Birthday, Phil! And, thank you for the real good times!

February 11th, 2010

Anniversary Alert!

Important dates in Grateful Dead History
February 11, 13, 14, 1970 - These three shows are on many Deadhead lists of the best Grateful Dead shows of all time. The first show has a phenomenal Spanish Jam featuing guest-guitar licks from Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac (back in the days when they were a Blues band). The Dark Star on the 13th still sets the standard for that style of Star, is but the first gem in a stellar trio of half-hour songs followed by That's It For The Other One and Lovelight. On the 14th, the 52-minute jam that spans from Alligator through Caution smokes.
If you got the tunes and the time, enjoy their 40th anniversary (you can listen to them at archive.org): 2-11-702-13-702-14-70
Realizing this was four decades ago makes us feel a little bit old, but the music makes us a whole lot happy!