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60s & 70s - Classic Rock
Onesies and Dresses
Quality Shirts and Gifts at Dharma Rose

Dharma Rose offers over 2,000 T-shirt designs from eight studios. As a small business, we cannot possibly keep them all in stock. While most are available in 2-3 days, it can take a week (and sometimes even a little longer) for us to order and receive shirts so they are ready to ship.
We appreciate that there are times when you cannot, or do not want to wait. This special store features items that can be shipped to you directly from one of our favorite suppliers, saving you valuable time when you are in a hurry. They will ship orders directly to you by the following business day via United Parcel Service.
If even that turnaround is too long, we invite you to visit our Express Store which features items we have in stock, and which we can ship the same day if we receive your order by noon EST (or by 9:00 on Saturdays).
Please note:
  • Dharma Rose Direct is only available for orders shipped within the United States.
  • It is important that you select one of the U.P.S. shipping methods. from "Direct Shipping" upon checkout to avoid delays.
  • Dharma Rose Direct orders are shipped from Virginia.
  • We cannot add any items from our main store to Direct orders.
  • We will try to get any orders placed by 11:00 EST shipped the same day, but cannot guarantee it.
  • Gift orders can be placed through the Direct store. Please include who the gift is from in the Gift Message field. This message will be printed on the packing list; pricing information will not be.
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