Dharma Rose Gallery - Summertime 2000

Dharma Rose Gallery - Summertime

A whirlwind photographic tour of another perfect summer in New Hampshire and Vermont
Fireworks in Claremont, New Hampshire - July 1st
Fireworks in Hartford, Vermont - July 4th
Heritage Days in Windsor, Vermont - July 9th
Roberts Circus in Cornish, New Hampshire - July 13th
Big Apple Circus in Hanover, New Hampshire - July 18th
Cornish Fair, Cornish, New Hampshire - August 18th - 20th
Two hot-air balloon launches in Quechee, Vermont - August 22nd, 28th
These photographs were taken with Nikon Cool Pix 990 and 950 digital cameras.
All images in this gallery are copyrighted by John W. Scott. You are welcome to download the images for your own personal display as long as they retain the credit and url. They may not be edited, and use in a for-profit setting is forbidden without express written permission from John W. Scott and Dharma Rose.
Please address your questions or comments to john@dharmarose.com.

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