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Flower Pictures

Flower pictures have fascinated me ever since I purchased my first digital camera (a Nikon Cool Pix 950). Starting with poppies, I soon found myself obsessed with taking a wide variety of flower photos (as my family can well attest with some exhasperation).
This gallery represents my some of my earlier attempts at flower pictures; these were mostly taken in Terrie's flower gardens at our home in Cornish, NH. Other locations are specified in each gallery. More rooms are coming soon!
These photographs were taken with a Nikon Cool Pix 990 digital camera in June of 2000.
All images in this gallery are copyrighted by John W. Scott. You are welcome to download the images for your own personal display as long as they retain the credit and url. They may not be edited, and use in a for-profit setting is forbidden without express written permission from John W. Scott and Dharma Rose.

Poppy Love - new!

Please address your questions or comments to john@dharmarose.com.
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More flower pictures are coming to these galleries soon!

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