Dharma Rose Gallery - Summertime 2000

Quechee Balloon Festival - A Photo Gallery

As a photograper, one event beckons each summer a little louder than the rest: The Quechee Balloon Festival. The hot air balloon gala draws thousands of balloonists, craft aficionados, tourists, and other visitors to witness the brilliant spectacle of dozens of air ships sailing over the pastoral Vermont countryside. It is also a photographers delight: giant luminous balloons with all manner of lightings yielding a visual feast and exciting abstract possibilities.
This particular year I did not make it to the Quechee until the final day, and was disappointed to find cloudy skies. Many of the photos I had dreamed were not going to happen. But there were advantages: the balloons provided an even more dazzling contrast, brightening the otherwise dreary New England evening. The weather also provided a peculiar collection of pressures and eddies which delivered many balloons to the surface of the Ottaquechee River. The reflections were quite striking and provided my favorite moments of the evening as several baskets kissed the river or bantered with a passing kayak.
These photographs appear in an order similar to that in which they were taken.
All images were taken with a Nikon Cool Pix 990 digital camera, about half with a Nikon 2x lens. The relative low light presented a problem in many of the photographs.
All images in this gallery are copyrighted by John W. Scott. You are welcome to download the images for your own personal display as long as they retain the credit and url. They may not be edited, and use in a for-profit setting is forbidden without express written permission from John W. Scott and Dharma Rose.
Please address your questions or comments to john@dharmarose.com.

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