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Our Grateful Dead merchandise Rose starts with T-shirts: one of the best collections of Grateful Dead shirts available anywhere featuring over 150 T-shirts, sweatshirts, and tops for adults and kids). But our commitment to Grateful Dead merchandise continues well beyond t shirts: we also carry Grateful Dead bean bears (the cute deadhead collectables based on Grateful Dead dancing bears), hats, assorted toys and fun stuff, and that indispensable resource for all fans of live Grateful Dead shows: DeadBase, The Complete Guide to Grateful Dead Setlists.

Skull And Roses Classic Dead Shirts - These shirts feature some of the most classic Grateful Dead artwork around, particularly variations on the skull and roses (aka Bertha) design pictured to the left.

Dancing Bears - Ever so cute and lovable, dancing bears are spread thoughout our dozen or so categories. You will find a concentration of them here. Grateful Dead Bears

Steal Your Face Steal Your Face - The album cover art from Steal Your Face is everywhere, it is the most-used icon in deadhead history. As with the bears, they are in just about every category, but you will find most of them in the section.

Grateful Dead Songs - The Dead's imaginative songs have inspired many shirt designs. Let It Grow

Banjo Other Dead Designs - more classic Deadwear from the best names in the business. A Band Beyond Description indeed!

Dead Sports - There is plenty of sportswear available for the well-equipped Deadhead/sportsfan (we are everywhere). You just need to know where to look. Steal Your Faceoff

Tour Alumni Dead Stealth - Sometimes you might want to show your support for your favorite band without wearing blaring tie-dye. These low-key designs are for those days.

Shows & Tours - These shirts are either actual tour shirts, or commemorate classic Grateful Dead concerts. The turnover rate can be higher here than in categories, so honor your favorite shows now, they may be gone tomorrow. Boston Garden

GD Wolf Parking Lot - Shirts you used to see in parking lots on tour.

Jerry Garcia - Jerry Garcia artwork and his likeness on an assortment of t-shirts and sweatshirts. Also, the infamous Jerry Doll by Gund. Jerry Smile

The Dead - Rose Garden Dead Again - Back from the Dead first as The Other Ones, and now as The Dead. These include both official tour shirts, and licensed tribute shirts.

Dead Solo - Solo projects: Phil Lesh and Friends, Ratdog, Mickey Hart Phil Lesh & Friends Sunset

Skull And Roses Grateful Dead Sweatshirts - In northern New England we understand that not all weather is sunny in the eighties. These quality hoodie sweatshirts are great for chiller climes, or just for being cozy.

Other Grateful Dead Merchandise

DeadBase - The Complete Guide To Grateful Dead Song Lists. An indespensible reference book for any deadhead.

Grateful Dead Hats - A variety of lids for 'heads.

Grateful Dead Bean Bears - These cuddly collectibles have been all the rage, even outside Deadhead circles. We have sold out of edition 1 for a long time, but a few specimens of other early editions still linger.

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