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Fantasy Art on shirts and cards at Dharma Rose

Fantasy art expresses the breadth and depth of our imaginations, investigating all its corners and celebrating one of mankind's greatest assets. We take fantasy seriously at Dharma Rose with fantasy pictures by some of the genre's best artists, including Amy Brown, Ed Beard, Sheila Wolk, Linda Bergkvist, Kinuko Craft, and many others. We cover a wide variety of themes within fantasy art from dragons to angels and fairies, and from sulls and skeletons to magic and unicorns.
Come browse stunning fantasy art on beautifully detailed greeting cards (doubly so on our giant 11" x 14" cards suitable for framing), and on comfortable cotton T-shirts in a friendly, secure store where customer service really is a priority.

Fire Dance Amy Brown's World Of Fantasy (new!) - Amy Brown is royalty among fantasy artists. While covering a broad range of themes and moods, she always manages to speak to the myriad facets of feminine nature.

Angels - A veritable choir of angels grace these beautiful shirts and cards. Find the shirt with your gardian angel to wear in good health! Daytime Gatekeeper

Sleeping Sun The Cosmos - A look at the final frontier, the universe, and everything.

Dragons - Dragon hunting has long been a favored quest at Dharma Rose. We have earned some pride in the collection with over three-dozen shirts (not even counting our Celtic dragons collection). Dragon Head

Wood Nymph Fairies - Dharma Rose carries a huge selection of fairy art on T-shirts and greeting cards by renown fantasy artists such as Sheila Wolk, Linda Bergqvist, Stephanie Law, and others.

Elves & Gnomes - well, mostly gnomes for now, but the masters of the forest have taken up residence in this tiny corner of New England. Sleeping Gnome

Forests Of Serenity Goddesses & Mermaids - Kinuko Craft headlines our collection of Goddess shirts and cards, and Sheila Wolk is the queen of the mermaids.

Magic - These shirts celebrate the mystery that joins Merlin with other wizrds throughout the ages. Earth Wizard

Yin Yang Koi Other Fantasy - Given the eclectic nature of fanasy, this catch-all category covers a wide variety of themes from Alice In Wonderland to demons, dinosaurs and beyond.

Skulls & Skeletons - Any symbol that bekons both Deadheads and Goths is both powerful and versatile. You will find quite a range here. Live Free Or Die

Majestic Unicorn Unicorns & Pegasus - The wild nature of magic steeds have long captured the imagination.Our horse store honors their magnificent worldly cousins, but the supernatural steeds reside here.

Warriors & Hunters - All manner of warriors, and a few hunters: male, and especially female. Fallen Angel

Falling Waters Aztec Skull Sea Dragon Metamorphosis Bone Crest

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