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Celtic Symbols on Quality Cotton Shirts, Jewelry, and Greeting Cards

Arianrhod - Moon Spirit Rainbow Triskal Ceilidh - the Dance Dragon & Unicorn
Celtic Symbols & Artwork Shirts & Jewelry
Celtic symbols and artwork are born of history, mystery, magic, and myth. Our Celtic T-shirts and jewelry celebrate this unique union of nature and fantasy with a beauty crafted over the millennia on the British Isles and in Western France.

Celtic Artwork & Themes
From the Pagan to the Christian, there is an exceptional spirituality to Celtic symbols and artwork, an appreciation of life, and all its mysteries. At Dharma Rose, we are proud to honor our own Celtic (Scot) roots with two dozen beautiful Celtic t-shirts inspired by this ageless tradition.
Doves - Peace On EarthDoves - Peace On Earth - copyright by Jen Delyth
Our offerings span many popular Celt themes including knotwork (both intricate, and sublimely simple), Triskals, Spirals, Celtic Crosses, Animals & Nature, Mythology, and Dragons (we love dragons!).
Several of our shirts are inspired by ancient Celtic sources, including, of course, the Book of Kells. We also feature original artwork by contemporary Celtic artists, including renown Welsh artist, Jen Delyth.

Pentacle Knotwork Knotwork Shirts - These shirts feature knotwork and Celtic symbols such as triskels. From the elegantly simple to mesmerizingly complex, we have a wide variety of designs here.

Nature Shirts - Celt traditions are deeply rooted in the natural world, and these shirts reflect that close relationship. Ravens

Circle Dragon Celtic Dragon Shirts - Celtic dragons are a breed onto themselves, often more complex, sometimes even whimsical, than their fantasy brethren.

Celtic Jewelry - Sterling silver Celtic jewelry by Welsh artish Jen Delyth. Tree of Life jewelry

Cat Book Celtic Candles - These painted glass candle holders come in two sizes with a variety of Celtic art designs.

Celtic Cards - Greeting Cards available individually, or in sets. Lleu - Bright One

Cat Book Celtic Plaques - Beautiful 5" x 7" Celtic art prints mounted on a plaque with a non-glare UV protective coating. The can be hung on a wall, or you can use the supplied peg to stand them up on a desk, mantlepiece or other horizontal surface.

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Celtic Links
If you have a web site with a Celtic theme, we would be happy to swap links with you, just send an e-mail to john@dharmarose.com.

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Aon Celtic Art and Illumination - Featuring the artistic works of international artist Cari Buziak.
Celtic Web Art - Celtic Art optimized for web use collected by Karen Nicholas, including backgrounds, borders, lines, buttons, bullets, clip art, alphabets, and even a few animated gifs.
Ceolas - Celtic Music Archive - Exhaustive archive of information on Celtic Music, Instruments, and Dance. On the web since 1994.

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