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Aromatherapy and other Scented Candles

A scented candle is a simple joy that can lift your spirits and brighten any day.
Scented candles are simple pleasures that enrich our daily lives at Dharma Rose. We burn scented candles almost constantly in our offices and our home. They add light and warmth to our lives and complement, even improve, our moods. We are particularly taken with quality soy candles and other natural scented candles from aromatherapy to more traditional (and more exotic!) scents.
Check out our Scented Candles: a guide to safety and enjoyment. Drawn from common wisdom and our own experiences, this guide is dedicated to enjoying the sublime experience of fine scented candles.
We have carefully selected our candles based on quality and on beautful, interesting scents. They are mostly made of natural soy wax and plam wax, scented with herbs, botanicals, and aromatic and essential oils. The all use cotton wicks, never containing lead.
Dharma Rose pledges to continue our quest for the finest scented candles, and welcomes suggestions of other studios who craft interesting candles, meeting these standards.

Shadow & Light's Aromatherapy candles are made from natural wax (paraffin-free) in a dozen scents designed to complement as many moods and situations. Also: see our Nag Chamapa store.

The Baroque collection candles from Archipelago Botanicals feature deep, rich colors, providing bold accents in the home or office.

Natural Beeswax is the base for these environmentally conscious pure plant aroma candles. They are available as refills for beautifully simple Spanish green glass holders.

Classic Roman Goddesses inspired these unique candles. Archipelago Botanicals uses only the finest lead-free wicks and essential oil aromatherapy blends.

Gonesh has been crafting fine fragrances for over 80 years. They have applied their art to a new selection of hand-carved candles. These are some of the most heavily scented candles we carry.
These natural soy wax candles are scented with essential oils, and are presented in glass containers adorned with pewter medallions designed by Native American (and Canadian!) artists from the Pacific Northwest.

Shadow & Light's newest line of candles is made from pure palm wax with 100% pure essential oils. These four exquisite candles were selected from hundreds of prototypes.

The Pure Palm candles are available in seven classic scents from Lavender Blues to Spanish Rose, Cocoa Cedar, and Balsam Incense.

The Soy Naturals are the purest candles we carry, made from a natural blend of soy and palm wax, and fragranced by 100% pure essential oils. They contain no paraffin, dyes or colors.

These palm wax candles are inspired by fragrant teas from around the world. They are among the more unique candles we have encountered, and among our favorites!

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